Termes et Conditions

1. Validity GTC

En envoyant un ordre, l'achat expressly agrees to these terms and conditions.


2. Conclusion du contrat

The contract is concluded by the fact that we accept the contract offer submitted by your order through our order confirmation.


3ème ordre

L'ordre est uniquement fait via internet. The orderer fills out the order form published on the internet completely and correctly and provides truthful information about the required data.


4. Delivery

We deliver with the Swiss Post to the whole of Switzerland and the Principality of Lichtenstein. Deliveries are made to end customers and revendeurs. For delivery delays Victory Switzerland GmbH assume aucune responsabilité.

We reserve the right to place your order only insofar as goods actually available at the warehouse are available.


5e prix

The prices are inclusive of revendeurs excl. TVA. For end customers incl. TVA, whereby shipping costs are listed separately. The intellectual costs are from Fr. 100.- value of goods worn by Victory Switzerland GmbH.


6. Payment

Payment for end customers is possible in advance or by credit card.

The following credit cards are accepted: Mastercard, Visa. The credit card will be charged at the time of the mind.

We reserve the right to carry out a credit check after conclusion of the contract and to withdraw from the contract if the result is negative.


7. Annulation / Échange

Une annulation de l'ordre n'est pas possible. The exchange of the delivered goods is not possible if they are not satisfied.


8. Wrong delivery / defects

If a purchased item is delivered incorrectly or if there are defects, it must be returned within 8 days (postmark) since receipt to Victory Switzerland GmbH. There will be a replacement delivery. In the event of failure to return or if we can not find any defects or defects caused by the purchaser in the rejected goods, the purchaser bears the costs of the replacement. It is not possible to cancel the contract, unless the goods are no longer available in stock.


9. Liability

Victory Switzerland GmbH excludes all liability for the delivered products within the scope of the legally permissible.


10. Privacy

The data required for the transaction will be stored in strict compliance with applicable regulations and, if necessary, forwarded to affiliated companies and third parties for order processing during order processing. Toutes les données personnelles seront traitées confidentiellement. We are entitled to disclose the personal information for the purpose of credit verification.


11. Loi Applicable

The commissions of Swiss law apply.


12. Jurisdiction

Juridiction pour toutes les réclamations en connexion avec votre commande est Berne.


The inefficacité of individual commissions does not affect the remaining effectiveness of the contract and these terms and conditions.